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Buying Power report: Blacks spend as economy grows
New 16th edition shows $507 bil in spending

The finding comes from the 16th annual edition of "The Buying Power of Black America" report. In 2009, black households spent an estimated $507 billion in 27 product and services categories. ...

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Study: African-Americans show greatest brand loyalty among all consumer segments

(August 20, 2012) African-Americans are among the most brand-loyal consumer segments in the country, especially when compared to Caucasian consumers, according to the findings of NewMediaMetrics's first 360 cross-platform analysis of the two consumer segments.

NewMediaMetrics, a strategic marketing optimization company, quantified the Emotional Attachment to brands and media and found that African-Americans were more attached to most brands than Caucasians.

This is critically important for marketers looking to increase their ROI from both marketing and media investments because:

- Emotional Attachment (EA) can boost revenue (those highly attached to a brand contribute 43.7 percent more revenue to a brand)

- EA affects levels of media engagement (40 percent more viewing and intensity of viewing)

- EA affects ad-message receptivity (those highly attached to a brand are 2.5 times more likely to pay attention to an ad from that brand)

- EA sparks positive social chatter (highly attached consumers are 43 percent more likely to talk about products and services to friends and family via social channels)

- EA finds and quantifies media properties with "buying pockets" (consumers who are receptive to ads and engaged makes them three times more likely to buy the brands)

The data show that African-Americans are significantly more attached than Caucasians to the following consumer brands and services: Lexus, General Motors, Google, Fidelity, Slim Fast, UPS, Tide, Pampers, Jell-O, Doritos, Dawn, Oreos, Ragu, Campbell Soups, Yoplait, Dentyne, Charmin, Bounty, Betty Crocker, Walmart, the Gap, Lowe's, Macy's and Levi's.

Overall, both consumer segments, aged 18-54, were surveyed about 350 brands, and 73 percent of the brands studied garnered higher attachment among African-Americans compared to Caucasians.

"Clearly, the African-American consumer is more passionate about brands than the Caucasian consumer," said Gary Reisman, co-founder of NewMediaMetrics. "We also see stronger attachment to media properties, so if marketers cross reference the brand data to the media data, they'll make more effective use of their media spends in reaching both consumer segments."

When it comes to media properties, NewMediaMetrics study highlights:

- On average, African-American adults are attached to 60 broadcast and cable networks at a level of 24 percent compared to Caucasian adults, whose average attachment levels are at 17 percent. This measurement is significant because stronger attachment translates into 40 percent more viewership and intensity of viewing

- African-Americans also are 18 percent more attached to web site/digital properties compared to 13 percent for Caucasians

NewMediaMetrics co-founder Denise Larson added, "Perhaps the overall passion that African-Americans have for brands will be a 'wake up call' for marketers to strategically think of their brands from the perspective of consumer diversity, especially when it comes to budget and spending priorities."

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