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 Black Stats         
Frequently requested data on African American consumers

Black Buying Power:
  $656 Billion (2003)

Black U.S. Population:
  38.3 million

Top Five Black Cities
  - New York
  - Chicago
  - Detroit
  - Philadelphia
  - Houston

Top Five Black Metros:
  - New York-New Jersey
  - Washington-Baltimore
  - Chicago-Gary
  - Los Angeles
  - Philadelphia

Top Five Expenditures:
 - Housing 145.2 bil.
 - Food 56.5 bil.
 - Cars/Trucks 32.6 bil.
 - Clothing 23.0 bil.
 - Health Care 18.0 bil.

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November 2006
Fox network gobbles up viewers during the week of Thanksgiving holiday 11-30-06

Ann Fudge prepares to exit post as chairman, CEO of Y&R Brands 11-29-06

Black-owned soap and toothpaste company signs deal with Peapod.com 11-28-06

BET announces a weekend of HIV-themed programming for World AIDS Day 11-28-06

Gerald Boyd, a trailblazing N.Y. Times editor, dies at 56 from lung cancer 11-27-06

ESPN’s "Monday Night Football" takes top spot again in week’s cable viewing 11-20-06

Burrell’s campaign for Verizon wins ANA award for “Significant Results” 11-20-06

E. Morris Communications wins ANA Award for Tyson Foods campaign 11-17-06

Ed Bradley '60 Minutes' tribute, Emmitt Smith’s 'Dancing' among top 25 11-17-06

Jesse Jackson tells ANA conference more hearings planned on ad industry 11-15-06

R.J. Dale Advertising named finalist for ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards 11-15-06 

TV One adds more than one million new households this fall 11-14-06

For readers of the black press, a new forum for black literature 11-13-06

Seeking Street Cred: Buick wants to woo African-American buyers 11-13-06

Lagrant Communications adds five new accounts to its growing client roster 11-10-06

CBS News' veteran correspondent Ed Bradley dead at 65 after battling leukemia 11-9-06

Viewers turn to football, basketball in a week without the 'Flavor of Love' 11-9-06

CW network improves share with ‘Girlfriends,’ ‘All of Us’ on Mondays 11-8-06

Radio One says stations in L.A., Atlanta caused decreased revenue performance 11-8-06

Nielsen Media Research announces African American Advisory Council 11-7-06

Carl Anderson named VP, music programming for ABC Radio Networks 11-7-06

'Flavor of Love' sacks football, USA scores as week’s top cable network 11-6-06

Crown Royal on the 'cutting edge' with African-American marketing initiative 11-6-06

Football heads up a big winning week for CBS with 10 shows on the Top 25 11-3-06

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Latest 'Buying Power' report shows black consumers spending more on home life

As the American economy continues to move sluggishly, African-American households are curtailing their spending in many categories, including food, clothing and basic household items, while investing more in home repair, home entertainment and consumer electronics. Although they are trimming back, black consumers are still spending more than their white counterparts on most of these products.

According to the newest edition of “The Buying Power of Black America” report, African-American households are tightening their belts when it comes to dining out, expanding their wardrobes, and leisure activities out of the home. At the same time, they are increasing their spending on home repairs and remodeling, audio and...
Story and statistics continued



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