It's About The Journey

By Ken Smikle
There is a belief by some that entrepreneurs are born. Others claim that they are just the product of circumstances -- usually lucky ones. What is undeniable, however, is once one has made the decision to pursue the dream of business ownership, the path to success is neither predetermined or certain.

Since we introduced Black Business Chicago with a pilot issue this summer, I have been constantly reminded of this truth. Both fledgling and seasoned entrepreneurs have been openly sharing their war stories, advice and questions. While wishing us well, many questioned how even such a much-needed publication -- especially produced in print -- could survive. We believe simply that we will because we must.

Coach's Playbook

The Seven Steps of High Performers

By Guy Summers
On the battlefield of organizations -- aka the Coaching Front -- we get to see high performers "do their thing" up close and personal. This is a tremendous privilege, honor, and learning opportunity. It's also a chance to pass on some themes observed from the best of the best. Here's Seven Steps that High Performers take often. I hope that each one adds value as you pursue your own special vision for life:


Study: Car Insurance Firms Charging Higher Rates in Minority Neighborhoods

For decades, auto insurers have been observed to charge higher average premiums to drivers living in predominantly minority urban neighborhoods than to drivers with similar safety records living in majority white neighborhoods. Insurers have long defended their pricing by saying that the risk of accidents is greater in those neighborhoods, even for motorists who have never had one.

But a first-of-its-
kind analysis by ProPublica and Consumer Reports, which examined auto insurance premiums and payouts in Illinois, California, Texas, and Missouri, has found that many of the disparities in auto insurance prices between minority and white neighborhoods.
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Litehouse Grill Owner Adding New Locations Following Success on 53rd Street

Litehouse Whole Food Grill, 1373 E. 53rd St., announced that it will be changing locations in March to 1660 E. 55th St., and owner Erik Nance said he is projecting an opening date of March 15. “We will also have ready to go items so customers can come in and grab food that is already made,” Nance said, adding that items like a cranberry kale salad will be one of those ready to go meals.

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick meets with Jesse Jackson on improving the firm's diversity

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick met with the Rev. Jesse Jackson in Chicago Thursday, part of the civil rights activist’s push to improve diversity in tech. Jackson and his organization, Rainbow/PUSH, have been lobbying Uber for months to release its diversity data as part of a larger push to improve diversity among all tech companies.

A press release sent after the hour long meeting at PUSH’s South Side headquarters said Uber would present its diversity data publicly in April at Jackson’s PUSHTech2020 summit in Silicon Valley.
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