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It's About The Journey

By Ken Smikle
There is a belief by some that entrepreneurs are born. Others claim that they are just the product of circumstances -- usually lucky ones. What is undeniable, however, is once one has made the decision to pursue the dream of business ownership, the path to success is neither predetermined or certain.

Since we introduced Black Business Chicago with a pilot issue this summer, I have been constantly reminded of this truth. Both fledgling and seasoned entrepreneurs have been openly sharing their war stories, advice and questions. While wishing us well, many questioned how even such a much-needed publication -- especially produced in print -- could survive. We believe simply that we will because we must.

Coach's Playbook

The Seven Steps of High Performers

By Guy Summers
On the battlefield of organizations -- aka the Coaching Front -- we get to see high performers "do their thing" up close and personal. This is a tremendous privilege, honor, and learning opportunity. It's also a chance to pass on some themes observed from the best of the best. Here's Seven Steps that High Performers take often. I hope that each one adds value as you pursue your own special vision for life:


JGJ Management Co. acquires nine Pizza Hut locations

JGJ Management Co., in conjunction with Fifth Third Bank, has purchased nine Chicago area restaurants from Pizza Hut Inc. Nearly 60 new jobs are being created and 250 maintained in the deal. Pizza Hut's parent company is Yum! Brands Inc. JGJ Management has plans to build two more locations within the city next year according to a spokeswoman. MORE...

Harvard B-School alumni launch venture access program for entrepreneurs

Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York (HBSAANY) and The National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC) today announced the launch of the Venture Capital Access Program ("VCAP"), a collaborative venture that provides women and diverse entrepreneurs nationwide with access to venture capital.

Chicago still nation's 'Capital of Black Business'

Chicago has long been considered to be the spiritual Capital of Black Business, but the city has seen transitions among its more iconic black-owned enterprises in recent years that made some wonder if the distinction was still deserved. However, based on the newest data. Chicagoans may still be entitled to bragging rights. MORE...




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